Investigative Software Solutions

ACISS Systems, Inc. provides fully integrated information management and analysis solutions for the organization and dissemination of the vast amounts of information collected and utilized by law enforcement and other investigative organizations.

ACISS integrates all types of investigative information such as addresses, vehicles, subjects, telephones, financial information, and physical evidence in a security conscious, friendly web based environment. ACISS not only automates the electronic organization of the entire investigation, but also enables users to identify links within a case or between multiple cases that would not otherwise have been realized. ACISS guides and documents the entire investigative process from a tip or lead to case closure and is fully 28CFR Part 23 compliant.

Established in 1978, ACISS Systems has become an industry leader in developing scalable solutions to meet the unique needs of law enforcement. Our solutions are currently being utilized across the nation by agencies with deployments of all sizes, from a 2 user narcotics unit to multi-agency, multi jurisdictional, statewide, and regional intelligence sharing initiatives.