The right information, when and where it is needed.


ACISS Systems, Inc. provides fully integrated information management and analysis solutions for the organization and dissemination of the vast amounts of information collected and utilized by law enforcement and other investigative organizations.

Since 1984, ACISS Systems has worked to become an industry leader in developing scalable solutions to meet the unique needs of law enforcement. Our solutions are currently being utilized across the United States by agencies with deployments of all sizes, from a 5 officer narcotics unit to multi-agency, multi jurisdictional, statewide, and regional intelligence sharing initiatives.

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Investigative/Intelligence Case Management (CMS)

ACISS Case Management is a complete investigative toolkit for managing cases. Its power and strength is unmatched for large agencies yet it is flexible enough to function efficiently for small agencies as well.

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Law Enforcement Records Management (RMS)

ACISS Records Management is an integrated information management system for streamlining the daily workload of law enforcement, including incident/offense reporting, traffic citations, field interviews, arrests, and fully automated UCR/NIBRS reporting.

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Lead Management

The ACISS Web Tips & Tasks module was designed specifically for high profile criminal incidents involving large numbers of leads and personnel. Manage information from tip lines or for assignment and follow-up on internal investigative tasks.

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Property & Evidence Management

ACISS Web Property & Evidence is a complete solution for the tracking and management of all types of investigative property and evidence from submission through disposal.

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Criminal Information Sharing

ACISS provides an unparalleled data sharing platform that leverages standards based technologies like NIEM, LEXS, GJXML and SOAP based Web Services. Out-Of-the-Box integration with FBI eGuardian and NDEx, NSI SAR, RISSIntel, and more.

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Telephone Analysis

ACISS TAP is a complete solution for data collection and analysis for telephone/electronic intercept investigations, including support for DNRs, toll imports, Title III's, and mobile device forensic extractions.

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