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Criminal Information Sharing


All ACISS systems include the ACISS Fusion Server, which provides a standards based SOAP XML Web Service that enables securely controlled programmatic access to all of the data stored in the ACISS database. Using the Fusion Server Software Development Kit (SDK), agency technical personnel or third party vendors can easily develop integration points, which query data from and submit data to an ACISS system. One example of an integration project developed by a third party is a real-time call data import process from a wiretap system, developed by the wiretap hardware vendor. Another integration solution, developed by Sheriff's Office technical personnel, is a real-time interface to a third-party CAD system, which pre-populates dispatch information in ACISS upon call closure to eliminate duplicate data entry in the incident reporting process.

The ACISS Fusion Client provides a plug-in framework for accessing data from remote systems. Included with the Fusion Client is the ACISS to ACISS plug-in, along with several additional interfaces to popular regional data sharing initiatives. The ACISS-to-ACISS plug-in provides seamless integration between two or more ACISS systems out of the box allowing users to query data like subjects, addresses, or vehicles from and electronically route Tips and Reports to remote ACISS systems.



Our NIEM/LEXS compliant interface with the FBI N-DEx system allows for real-time submission of incident records.

FBI eGuardian

The NIEM/LEXS compliant interface with the FBI eGuardian system allows for real-time submission of terrorism related SARs


Our 2-way GJXDM compliant interface with the RISS DESs (RISSIntel) allows for contributing to, as well as searching and importing from the RISSIntel network.

Additional Features

  • NIEM/LEXS compliant interface with the Nationwide SAR Initiative (NSI) Shared Space for fully automated electronic SAR submission
  • Support for the National Virtual Pointer System (NVPS)
  • Standards based SOAP Web Service API for flexible integration options
  • Public web form for collecting citizen Suspicious Activity Reports
Criminal Information Sharing Workflow


  • Set up sharing agreements with neighboring jurisdictions
  • Easily push data to required state or regional sharing or aggregation initiatives
  • Easy integration with external systems
  • Flexible, open API for either pushing or pulling data

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