Web based information management solutions for law enforcement


ACISS brings together operational, investigative, and intelligence units by providing a common core data repository of subjects, addresses, vehicles, telephones, financial information, and physical evidence. These features can be utilized by all users while enabling "one-time" data entry. This architecture turns all users into potential intelligence gatherers. It extends the same intelligence and analysis tools used by the Intel unit to the burglary investigator and to the patrolman on the road. Real-time information captured from incident reports, tips, field interviews, traffic tickets, arrests, investigative reports, etc. is unified by bringing disparate pieces of information together; helping identify and correlate the intersections and overlaps of intelligence data between the various investigative and operational units. Identification of these intersections leads to the uncovering of patterns and relationships from within very complex data.


  • Core Subjects, Addresses, Vehicles, Telephones, etc common to all modules
  • Configurable security hierarchy allows customization to meet the needs of any law enforcement organization
  • Hidden cases and core entities for highly sensitive investigations
  • Comprehensive auditing
  • Integrated graphical link analysis
  • Watchdogs for "flagging" Subjects, Vehicles, etc.
  • Internal mail/alert system w/ options for internet mail integration
  • Familiar web based interface
  • 28CFR part 23 compliant review and purge process
  • Standards based, open API for robust integration with external systems
  • Integrated query module provides ad-hoc reporting, WYSIWYG report designer, automation with scheduling capabilities
  • System-wide electronic bulletin board
  • Integrated word processor for richly formatted narrative documents
  • Geographic analysis with integrated mapping
  • Unlimited attachment support for audio, video, pictures, documents, etc.
  • Scalable architecture supports single pc installation up to clustered multi-server deployment supporting thousands of concurrent users
  • On-premise or fully managed cloud-based deployment options




An on-premise deployment offers your agency complete control over the deployed solution. Installing our solution in your data center allows you to leverage your own dedicated IT resources for platform maintenance and also offers greater flexibility in custom disaster recovery plans and high-availability strategies. This option is also preferable when tight integration with existing in-house systems is required. Additionally, to simplify procurement, our on-premise solutions are available via GSA Schedule 70.


Cloud-based deployments provide a fully managed solution that requires little to no IT resources from your organization. The benefits of this deployment strategy include:

  • Minimal Capital Expenditure - By leveraging our Software as a Service (Saas) option, agencies can get up and running quickly without a huge capital investment and eliminates the need to worry about software licensing or hardware acquisition. This also offers a very predictable model for budgeting operating costs.
  • No IT Staff Required - this is a fully managed solution ensuring that your agency is free from having to worry about operating system updates, database backups, disaster recovery, etc.
  • Mobile Access - Access our solutions with mobile devices (phones/tablets) when in the field without expensive network equipment and infrastructure.
  • Flexible and Scalable - Scale up from tens of users to hundreds or thousands of users on demand without needing to worry about network or server hardware infrastructure.
Through our partnership with Microsoft, we are able to pair our robust enterprise class software with the infinitely scalable hardware and networking resources provided by the Microsoft Azure Government cloud computing platform. This offers the following benefits:

  • FedRAMP, CJIS, and ECSB compliance
  • All data stored in continental U.S. data centers
  • Geo-redundant data backups for robust disaster recovery options
  • Instantly scalable solution to meet and grow with agency demand
  • Physical and network isolation in government only cloud
  • High availability and accessible from anywhere
  • Data centers are operated only by screened U.S. based personnel
  • Encrypted communication system using HTTPS

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